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hey I've just joined the community... I'm a female hockey player (obviously), living and playing in Streatham, London. I started out playing with the boys, but changed to women's hockey when they all got too big and fast to keep up with! I'm now in my second season with the women's team (streatham storm), and am assistant captain. We've had a great season, being the only unbeaten team in our league (division 1 south), and so have gained promotion to the national premier league (yeay!!). No playoffs for us, apparently there was nowhere in the whole *country* where they could find enough ice time for women's playoffs - that's how dire the hockey situation is in England :(. Erm, I've also just started playing for the south of england women's team, and hope to progress from there to England and maybe even GB in a few season's time... anyhow.. that was my little introduction. Oh, and I love hockey more than anything in the world!!!

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