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Hey Everybody

I'm a newbie hereeee... so I decided to make a little post on myself! :). I'm Lorraine.. i'm 17.. soon to be 18.. i've been playing hockey for 11 years. I played boys hockey for Rochester Youth Hockey growing up because they didn't have any girls teams. I switched to girls 4 years ago I played Rochester Edge U16B for 2 years, and played Webster Hockey last year. This year I played again for Rochester Youth Hockey in Rochester,NY. I was on the U19AAA Rochester Edge Girls Team and we competed in the Southwest Girls Hockey League of Ontario Canada playing teams such as Brampton, Hamilton, Niagara, etc. I plan on playing Womens League next year because i'm not going to a college that has womens hockey at it. Well.. thats me I guess. hahaha.. Talk to you all soon!!

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Just because I'm curious, what college are you going to? I play for the Buffalo Regals 19U team
Woah. took me extremely long to respond.. very sorry.

I'm not playing for college next year i'm going to Monroe Community College.. and i'm playing on the womens diablos team next year.

Thats pretty sweet that ur on the Regals.. I think we played you this year, no?