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Hey Everybody

I'm a newbie hereeee... so I decided to make a little post on myself! :). I'm Lorraine.. i'm 17.. soon to be 18.. i've been playing hockey for 11 years. I played boys hockey for Rochester Youth Hockey growing up because they didn't have any girls teams. I switched to girls 4 years ago I played Rochester Edge U16B for 2 years, and played Webster Hockey last year. This year I played again for Rochester Youth Hockey in Rochester,NY. I was on the U19AAA Rochester Edge Girls Team and we competed in the Southwest Girls Hockey League of Ontario Canada playing teams such as Brampton, Hamilton, Niagara, etc. I plan on playing Womens League next year because i'm not going to a college that has womens hockey at it. Well.. thats me I guess. hahaha.. Talk to you all soon!!

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