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hey everyone! new member!

hey there everyone! i'm a new member here in the community and i'm so happy that i found another one for women's hockey. i'm in another one but it's kind of dead.

anyways, i've been a fan of hockey since i was 11. i started playing when i was 14 and i now play as goalie for the girls team at my high school. i'm 17 years old and I LOVE TO PLAY!!!!!!!
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Welcome! :)

(and nice icon.. 4 hours to go! *giddygiddy*)
thanks for the welcome!

i can't wait for the book... i'm going to borders in an hour or so to get my copy! :P
It would have been so cool if my high school had had a team. I used to play goalie too. Now I'm trying to learn how to play defense.

Welcome :o)
i love my team. we have 3 different ones and they're all filled up. there are so many girls!

i started off playing offense but then my coach suckered me into goaltending so i'm doing that... i like it better tho.

thanks for the welcome!!!!
haha I went to a Harry Potter midnight thing too. Welcome! I'm a goalie and I've been playing since I was 14, too but now it's time for college and I don't know what I'm gonna do to stay on the ice next year :( are you going into senior year?
eeps... sorry for taking so long to respond! sorry!

i'm going into my senior year in high school. i'm probably not gonna stay on any team after high school. i'll just go to the local rinks with my friends and my sister.