Freak the Mighty (residentgeek) wrote in womenshockey,
Freak the Mighty

Women's shoulder pads

Hey all. I'm looking for some hockey equipment advice.

The shoulder pads I have right now aren't working out so well. Every time I raise my arms, I get choked. I can't get the damn things to stay where they belong. And every time I do a face plant, I compress my chest way beyond what I thought was physically possible. So I'm looking into buying some women's shoulder pads, specifically Itech.

The problem is, no one locally within 250 miles sells these. So I have no way to try them on and find out what size I need. And not even Itech's site has sizing information. So I was hoping you all could help me out.

Can anybody give me shoulder measurements of these pads? A chest measurement would be awesome too. Right now I'm in men's adult small pads, and I think it's my chest that's making them not fit right. I'm about a C I think (not huge, not tiny). But I don't know if I should get a size small or medium with these pads.

Any help you all could provide would be great. Even to tell me that the pads suck and they're not worth my time or money.
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